Behind the scenes

Founder, Interpreter (MA, NIC)

Emily Haynes McGee has been interpreting full-time since 2010. She got her introduction to green chile and B.S. in Signed Language Interpreting from the University of New Mexico. Upon graduation, Emily participated in the first cohort of Sorenson's VRSII School-to-Work program.

Grateful for these experiences, Emily headed back East. She interpreted in Atlanta for two years before moving to her chosen home of Richmond, Virginia.

Emily has now worked as a freelance interpreter in the Richmond community for nine years. In 2017, she began managing a small team of interpreters for a local university; this small team has since grown into Mosaic Interpreting Services.

When not interpreting, Emily can be found traveling, gardening, or swinging from the flying trapeze.

My name is Reggie Brown, I was born and raised in Virginia. I am a CODA via my mother.

I enjoy being a husband and father, watching sports, watching Marvel movies, as well as hearing and telling funny stories!

I am in the midst of working on my ASL & English Interpretation AAS at J. Sargent Community College!

Becky’s interest for sign language began at the early age of 8 when she befriended a young girl who was Deaf. The two quickly became best friends. After years of Native influence from friends and involvement in the Deaf Community, Becky was encouraged to become a freelance interpreter. She has been interpreting professionally for over 10 years.

Second to her love for interpreting, Becky has a passion for all things administrative. When not working Becky enjoys cycling on the Capital trail with her husband, camping, painting, yoga or just having fun with family.

Allison Jones is an alumna of VCUarts and achieved summa cum laude in several ASL programs offered by J. Sargent Reynolds.

Nine years ago, she was drawn to ASL because generational late-deafness runs in her family. During quarantine, she began to use her time to self-educate on Haptics Communication, specifically using the Helen Keller National Center’s publication to do so. These days you can find her doing office administrative duties and interpreting for Mosaic. An athletic competitor in the NWBA, she also fancies taking nature walks with her cat (Georgie).


Jennifer Dau (known as JD) started learning ASL as a child when Linda Bove taught her how to sign "I Love You" on Sesame Street. She got her bachelor of arts degree in Deaf Education from Michigan State University in 2003 and has taught 4th grade through high school on all three coasts - West coast at Washington School for the Deaf, East coast at Maryland School for the Deaf, and the North coast at Michigan school for the Deaf.

She has been an interpreter in Virginia for 6 years and has her EIPA and NIC since 2012 and 2019 respectively.

JD loves travel, dogs, reading, swimming and working with the amazing people she meets everyday.

A young Muslim woman in a hijab smiles at the camera.

Haadia Khan

Designer & Artist Extraordinaire

Haadia Khan is a lady who loves pizza without cheese-- but is that even pizza then? She's long been fascinated with the concept of a line and a dot and how these simple ingredients form themselves into art... just like a pizza.

Haadia graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University a Mass Communication Strategy major in 2017, and since then she's only felt her creativity grow.

She's super involved in the community and is a part of Global Deaf Muslim and RVAmist. She presents at conferences around the country to spread awareness about Deaf and Muslim identities. She currently has a design fellowship with the Tempest. And she somehow still found the time to design our awesome logo. We're humbled.

She wants you to know that you shouldn't worry about the lack of cheese on her pizza; it's just who she is.