What's Happening Around These Parts

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 24th 1-2:30 pm “The History of Deaf Pride” flyer. Rainbow stars are on the top right and left. In the center of the image cartoon figures celebrate Pride Month by waving flags, smiling, and hugging. In the background is a large rainbow ribbon that forms a heart and is reflecting light. To left text states “No Cost to Attend.” Beneath the cartoon is the synopsis: “A discussion of the history of the LBGTQ+ Pride movement in America, with an emphasis on the evolution of Deaf Pride!” The flyer further elaborates: “Presented by Lynn Odom, Reynolds Parham Roads Campus, presented in ASL with English interpretation.” A rainbow banner surrounds the above text. In the bottom right is Mosaic’s logo featuring a large fingerspelled “M” that is blue. Text above the banner says “Questions? Contact: Admin@MosaicInterpretingServices.Com"

The history of Deaf pride
june 24, 2023

ID: Tan banner at the top says "Common Thread Presents" in bold text.  There is a horse in the background that is in a green forest.  A hand reaches out to it as sun shines through its mane.  In the center bold font says "Escape."  "A Storytelling Event in ASL and English" in green capitalized text. "July, Saturday TBD 6:00-8:00 PM," Ninja Kombucha logo is in the lower left corner of the square and beside it is the address "126 W Brookland Park Blvd, Richmond VA 23222." At the bottom of the flier is a blue box which says, off to the right, "Want to share your story? Email us!" In the very bottom left-hand corner is the Mosaic Interpreting Services logo which features an M fingerspelling handshape.

Common Thread
TBD July, 2023

Past Events

ID: Flyer for Online CASLI Study Group Interest meeting. Online is white font against a teal background and the text below is similarly capitalized.  Below it states: “Are you preparing for the CASLI Generalist Exam?  Join Holly Andrews and a group of your peers on Zoom to discuss the formation of a study group or groups.  No cost, all good vibes.  For more info, contact”  Event occurs May 31st of this year 6:30-7:30 EST. Beneath against orange white font says “REGISTER NOW.” Below that is the Mosaic website ( and the Mosaic logo in the bottom right hand quadrant featuring a large fingerspelled “M”. In the upper left- and right-hand corners are decorative geometric shapes in navy, orange, gold, and magenta.  A cartoon of a dark-skinned person with black hair is in the bottom left and the cartoon appears to be studying.  As the character smiles, writing, raising their hand to point out a eureka moment: a lightbulb appears next to their head. In the bottom border are colorful scattered tiles, much like a mosaic!

CASLI Study Group
MAY 31, 2023

A flyer for Common Thread event that shows a hand watering plants. The topic is GROWTH May 20th, 6 to 8 PM at Ninja Kombucha. Email to share a story. Mosaic sponsoring logo is bottom left. Address: 126 W Brookland Park Blvd RVA 23222

Common Thread
MAY 20, 2023

Flier for "Mind & Body" event. Background is tan with leaves and flowers in the background. Katie LaCelle has a black and white photograph in which she is smiling to the left and Susi Wilbur is grinning in a photograph with her palms in the air underneath. The VRID, RID, ACET logos are at the bottom. It states "sponsored by Mosaic at no cost to participants." The bottom right quadrant has a QR code with a navy blue border that says "Register!" The Innerwork Center in Richmond VA on Saturday, April 15th is the time and location.

Mind & Body
APRIL 15, 2023
.2 GS CEUs

Victory Hall Opera presents "Orpheus & Erica." March 21, 23, & 25 at 8pm UVA. Images of Deaf performers and hearing performers are in the center: John Maucere, Amber Zion, WAWA Snipe, Brenda Patterson, Jennifer Zetlan, Chuanyaun Liu. To the far right is an image of a porcelain figurine.

Common Thread postponed; support the opera! 

March 21, 2023

Flyer has colorful shapes against a white background and the header reads “WHAT IS BASL?” Sub header: “WITH VYRON KINSON.” Beneath that in bold letters states “FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH. 5:30-7:30 EST VIA ZOOM. PRESENTED IN ASL 0.2 CEUS.” In a yellow bubble it reads: “REGISTRATION COMING SOON.” Continues “SPONSORED BY:” and Mosaic Interpreting Services logo is directly underneath. To the right is a large photograph of Vyron signing. Vyron is grinning with his eyebrows raised. He has a black beard, black braided hair that is pulled back, and is wearing a dark blue shirt. The background is gray. At the bottom left of the flyer is text saying “MOSAIC INFO SESSION 7:30-8:30PM”

BASL: what that?
February 24, 2023

A multicolor flyer for Common Thread event. The topic is CELEBRATE January 14th, 6 to 9 PM at Ninja Kombucha. Email to share a story. Mosaic sponsoring logo is bottom left. Address: 126 W Brookland Park Blvd RVA 23222

Common Thread
January 14, 2023

A flyer for Common Thread event houses are in the background. The topic is HOME October 8th, 6 to 9 PM at Ninja Kombucha. Email to share a story. Mosaic sponsoring logo is bottom left. Address: 126 W Brookland Park Blvd RVA 23222

Common Thread
October 8, 2022

Flyer for interpreting workshop presented by Mosaic's CEO and founder Emily Haynes McGee. The workshop was titled "Taking the Fear Out of Freelance" and was a VRID, RID, ACET sponsored event. A white woman with brown hair and wide eyes peeks out from under her bedsheets. The event was free to attend, September 30th 2022.

Taking the fear
out of Freelance
September 30, 2022

.3 PS CEUs