The Team

The person in this image is outdoors and has short blue hair. They smile and shadows of the trees are behind them on a wood paneled wall. They have glasses and are wearing a shirt with white buttons.

holly andrews they/them/theirs


Holly first started learning ASL as a child, when they befriended a girl in their kindergarten class who was Deaf. This turned into relearning the language as a teen online and falling in love with it, before they decided to go to Liberty University to receive their Bachelor's in ASL and Interpreting for a more formal training. They started working in VRS at Purple Communications the same week they were taking their last final exams, and never looked back.

Holly has been interpreting full time in Richmond since 2017, holds a 3/3 VQAS score, and is in the process of getting their NIC. They have a deep love from their mom of everything medical related, and is in the pilot cohort of the Promoting Equity in Healthcare Interpreting program with Idaho State University and Gallaudet.

When not interpreting, you can usually find Holly with coffee in hand either somewhere outdoors like hiking, enjoying the sunshine, kayaking, or training for a race, or doing something creative like painting, drawing, crocheting, or their favorite hobby: playing Dungeons and Dragons.