Spring 2024 Internship Applications Closed

An interpreter is in the foreground signing "help." In the background two puppets are visible on stage. The one on the left is a gray wolf wearing overalls, the one on the right is a pink pig.

We are seeking motivated students and new professionals to join a developing cohort program. 

The program will feature: 


One on one mentoring through a structured curriculum

Small group discussions

Observation of experienced interpreters

Limited hands-up practice in safe settings

Community engagement

Professional Networking

Both virtual and on-site opportunities available. 

Our fall cohort will focus on foundational skills and emphasize observation over hands-up interpreting.

Spring Cohort Runs from January- May, 2024

Stay Tuned for Future Application Information!


10 hours a week, Total of 150 hours


Shared Values

Virtual Workspace*

*Need based equipment assistance available

A storyteller is speaking into a microphone his story against a pink monochromatic mural. The storyteller is to the left, an intern is interpreting in the right background of the photograph. Both people picture are BIPOC. The storyteller gestures his hand expressively and the intern signs the American Sign Language sign for “think."
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We are a Dual Certified Living Wage Employer.
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