The Team

Kj smith she/her/hers

Interpreter  +  Admin

KJ is a Richmond native who began learning sign language in 5th grade as a way to chat with friends at school when talking in the hallways was prohibited.  ASL kept popping back up in her life, and eventually she earned her bachelor’s in Deaf Education. After that, she went back to school for interpreting. She’s been interpreting since 2006, and just did the math to realize that’s 17 years. She is now in shock.

When not interpreting, she enjoys riding her bike, being outside, reading, loving furry animals, and enjoying yummy food that she doesn’t have to cook herself (cooking is HARD).  Sometimes, she even gets to do some of those things!  Most of her non-work time is spent with her two little kids and hubby. She adores them all.