The Team

A white woman with brown hair and glasses smiles downward at her cup of coffee as she sits in an outdoor café.

Emily Haynes McGee
CEO + Founder

An African American man is cradling his child. A supportive hand is on his shoulder and the child looks at the camera lens intrigued.

Reggie Brown
interpreting Intern

A Black person in locs is wearing a flower crown, has glittery gold framed glasses, and is smiling.

Hijrah hamid
coordination + interpreter

A white woman with brown hair stands confidently, she wears a plain gray shirt. At an event she is smiling while signing ASL.

Becky burton
Staff Interpreter

A white woman with brown and gray hair smiles and holds up the ILY sign sitting while on a tan chair against a white wall.

Allison Jones
Outreach + Interpreter

A woman is smiling white wearing rainbow themed garments which include: a baseball cap, metallic plastic beaded necklaces, and an umbrella.

kj smith
coordination + interpreter

A white woman with black and gray hair, sunglasses are perched on her head as soft sunlight beams down.

Jennifer Dau
staff interpreter

The person in this image is outdoors and has short blue hair. They smile and shadows of the trees are behind them on a wood paneled wall. They have glasses and are wearing a shirt with white buttons.

holly andrews
staff interpreter

A Black man with short hair, a beard, and mustache smiles into the camera. His background is blue and he wears a light gray sweater.

Tristan Brown
special projects + interpreter

Woman wears a colorful Muslim headscarf laughing outdoors. Behind her is a paved walkway and a pavilion covered in festive lights.

Haadia Khan
designer + Artist

A man is signing "now" in American Sign Language. He wears a vest on a black collared shirt and has short strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

weston Broache
special projects + interpreter