The Team

A white woman with brown hair and glasses smiles downward at her cup of coffee as she sits in an outdoor café.

Emily Haynes McGee
CEO + Founder

An African American man is cradling his child. A supportive hand is on his shoulder and the child looks at the camera lens intrigued.

Reggie Brown
interpreting Intern

Hijrah hamid
coordination + interpreter

A white woman with brown hair stands confidently, she wears a plain gray shirt. At an event she is smiling while signing ASL.

Becky burton
Staff Interpreter

A white woman with black and gray hair, sunglasses are perched on her head as soft sunlight beams down.

Jennifer Dau
staff interpreter

holly andrews
staff interpreter

A white woman with brown and gray hair smiles and holds up the ILY sign sitting while on a tan chair against a white wall.

Allison Jones
Outreach + Interpreter

kj smith
coordination + interpreter

Woman wears a colorful Muslim headscarf laughing outdoors. Behind her is a paved walkway and a pavilion covered in festive lights.

Haadia Khan
designer + Artist